How to Login and Signup on RediffMail | Step by Step

Rediffmail is one of the leading web-based Gmail Posteingang and aol solution services that is serving many companies and businesses in the Indian market with around 95 million usernames in its pocket. An Indian entrepreneur Ajit Balakrishnan is the current chairman and CEO of which is an internet company in Mumbai, registered in 1996. It amazed almost everyone with its stupendous growth owing to its unlimited free storage space.

Introduction to Rediffmail:

Launched as an AJAX-based email interface by, Rediffmail is one of the most used email services like which allows you to send and receive mail messages in many Indian languages on Microsoft Windows. Almost everyone here has either a Rediff or Rediffmail account. With support extended by mobile platforms like Symbian, Android, and Java, a paid mobile email service called “Rediffmail NG” was launched by its parent company in October 2010. It is based on POP3, IMAP mail protocols due to which it offers unlimited storage which fascinates its users and how to use login.

Just a click and lure its users towards an exciting and wonderful experience of its email service Rediffmail. It continues to add new and unique features to improve user experience. Let’s have a look at some of them Burning Series

Features of Rediffmail:

Listed below are some of the most magnificent and unique features which attract the users of Rediffmail.

  • As many as 20 files can be attached at a time through your Rediffmail account with the max mail size of 10 MB. The business executives who need large file transfers or youngsters who need to send their jpeg image files can use this feature to the optimum for their uninterrupted delivery of work.
  • It offers a stunning professional touch with its unique features like 5 multiple email-ids, Pull other emails like gmail aanmaken, web access anywhere, F-secure Virus Scan Protection, and Flexibility for better communication between you and your colleagues.
  • The wonderful features that make it unique from other competitors are its unique and new Rediffmail for Mobile feature, cloud-based email solution called Rediffmail Pro which is much-needed by large corporate giants and access across different operating systems like iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Android, etc.

Today let’s discuss your signup and login on Rediffmail

How to Signup on RediffMail | Email Reviews

If you are new to the platform and want to learn the signup process, then you are in the right place. Follow the article ahead to find out.

  • Type in your web browser.
  • Click on the “Create New Account” tab.
  • Now, register your username as email id of your Rediffmail account. After doing that, click on “Next”.
  • Create a strong, unidentifiable, and complex password on the new webpage. Click on “Next”.
  • Enter your details like DOB, Nationality, First Name, and Last Name to proceed with the signup process. In the end, agree to the terms and conditions of Rediffmail and click on “Sign up”.

Your Rediffmail account has been successfully created. You may be asked to enter your mobile number and verify it later.

How to Login on Rediffmail | Email Services

Follow the steps below to login to Hotmail Inlog

  • Open a web browser on your device. Make sure to use a good web browser like Google Chrome or Safari Browser.
  • Go to the URL box of the web browser and paste this link: “” and hit enter.
  • Now, you will get to the Rediffmail login page.
  • Enter your username with your email domain and click on “Next” in.
  • Now, enter your password in the required field and click on “Sign in”.

You will be successfully signed in to the Rediffmail account. You may have to verify the security captcha to sign in.

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